Steps forward

Press illustration - La Stampa TuttoLibri
Press illustration - ChemSusChem
Online publication - Principia Magazine Kraken
Press illustration - La Stampa TuttoLibri nº 2030
Runner up - Stereohype 12th BBDesign Competition
Press illustration - La Stampa Origami nº 44
Press illustration - La Stampa TuttoLibri nº 2014
Selected Work - That’s a Mole illustration contest
Online publication - Principia Magazine Anna Volkova
Finalist - CarpetVista design competition


Important (?) info

Hi everybody!
I'm Barbara, an italian illustrator, creator,
pattern and visual designer based in Madrid.
I graduated with honors in Visual and Multimedia
Design and after that I've worked in different
graphic and artistic fields in Italy and Spain.
My projects tell stories, which can be interpreted
and reinterpreted. My work is versatile and experimental. I love exploring and working creative materials in as many ways as possible. I observe usual things to find the unusual and I pay close attention
to details, especially the hidden ones.


Not (?) so important info

I wanted to be a pirate.
I love sleeping and soft pillows.
I'm a professional dreamer.
When I'm annoyed I feel like a smoky boiler.